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Kindness Kings, an initiative led by Teacher Kate Lotz within her classroom at the Premm Learning Center, embodies an impactful approach to education by integrating community service into her curriculum. Establishing a monthly community service project, she encourages her students to actively engage in acts of kindness and empathy toward others.

Peaceful Schools partners with our clients to change the culture of their learning communities by looking at school discipline differently. Rooted in indigenous practices of peacemaking, restorative practices focus on both the proactive work of building and maintaining relationships and the reactive work of repairing harm in a relationship when it occurs. Our Restorative Practices Framework teaches people how to use our C.A.R.E.S. skills to take accountability for their actions and empowers everyone to have a voice. Let Peaceful Schools become your accountability partner in creating a positive school culture and climate!

The Cynthia Perkins-Roberts Youth Empowerment Series is a collective of events intended to empower and uplift the youth in our community. Through these programs we are leading critical conversations through culturally relevant, dynamic and interactive sessions that educate and elevate youths’ awareness of self, society and institutional frameworks.

New Leaders Training (NLT) is an intensive experience in which participants explore their own identities and the systems they are part of, and learn how to develop and lead SEED seminars in their communities, organizations, and institutions and foster wholeness, wellness, and just relationship for everyone.

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